Over a period of time we have been collecting audio and video cassettes recorded with a variety of programmes that help us to know more about the word of God and to develop and strengthen our faith in God. Our library consists of a variety of materials in Tamil and English, which are a blessing as they are useful in the lives of people of all ages. You are able to listen to powerful messages preached by the servants of God from all over the world or view documentaries that assist in understanding the word of God. These tapes, videos, DVDS and VCDS are a great blessing and will strengthen your spiritual life and also hold the interest of the young and old alike. These materials are available to anyone who is interested in borrowing them. Our collection is continually increasing with materials which we believe will be useful in helping people to grow in their faith and to know the Word of God.

Trinity Word Church has increased the Audio Video ministry through providing books, tracts and magazines that have be composed by preachers and missionaries from around the world, consisting of their life stories, testimonies and experiences in the ministry. This facility is provided to you free of cost! The only commitment being, that every material that is borrowed is returned within the given time period, so that it can be circulated to more people. This ensures that without investing your money, but by investing your precious time alone you are able to receive the blessings of heaven and earth from the Lord. This is also a means by which you can pass on the legacy for your children to inherit their share of blessings of God and this world.

Trinity Word Church also provides Audio and Video Messages and Prayers online. Click on the Message Audio or Message Video Link on our home page and follow the links.