"Unnatharin Nizhal"(In the Shadow of the Most High) magazine ministry originated in the year 2000 according to the guidance of our Lord. The magazine is published in English and Tamil with articles for every age group, there are messages for the young and old, special articles and articles dedicated entirely for youth of today and stories for children.

The messages are written by Rev. Dr. S. Daniel and Dr. Mrs. Ramani Daniel. Each issue contains a special letter from Rev. Dr. S. Daniel; a message of motivation, joy and blessings and an article about the lives and works of missionaries and other ministers of the Lord. The Youth Section which is also written by Rev. Dr. S. Daniel, it contains very powerful articles that strengthen and guide the youth of today and help them to stand firm for Jesus as they walk in a world filled with temptations. There is also a special message written by Dr. Mrs. Ramani Daniel that provides words of comfort and consolation that soothe many burdened and heavy hearts.

Everyone who reads and adheres to the word of God published in the magazine has been blessed by God Almighty. We have received many testimonies over the years informing us of the miracles that the Lord has performed in the lives of the people around the world who have obediently acted in accordance to the word of God that they had read in our magazines. Many of the testimonies have been from non-believers who had never before known the love of Jesus Christ. The word of God in our magazine has paved the path for many to accept Christ as their personal Saviour and to commit their lives to Him. Every word in the magazine is received from the Lord, to bring deliverance, blessing and comfort to His people. The magazines have been distributed in Tamil and English throughout Australia as well as every country in the world.

The Magazine is now available online, click on the Magazine link at the top of this page and follow the links. We kindly request that you continue to pray and support our magazine ministry so that the Lord may grant us the resources to publish more copies and distribute the magazine to more people, so that many more may be blessed by the word of God and we may share our joy with the other children of God.